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"Azimuth" is a team of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in ships repair industry. Our highly experienced technical staff is specializing in automatic, electronic and hydraulic systems. We can provide high quality solutions on complex troubleshooting, repair and service.

We can provide spares parts supply, repair or new automatic system installation according to your needs worldwide. Your vessel attendance will be arranged wherever you are, providing service within best possible price and time range. Our service engineers are ready to continue their work during the voyage, to provide complete support and satisfy all your needs without vessel's delays.

         • expertly trained and experienced technicians;
         • flexible repair options;
         • stringent quality control procedures;
         • In-house performance testing capabilities of all brands of components.

Maritime Administration of Latvia Certificate of Complience of Company Nr:22.0205.06.

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Reg. Nr. 40103828720

Office address:
23 Ulbrokas str.,
Riga, LV-1021, Latvia
Phone: +371 67782938,
Fax: +37167782939

Mob.: +371 27040223
E-mail: technical@azimuth-t.lv

E-mail: office@azimuth-t.lv
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