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"Azimuth" has well-trained diesel engine technicians, who work in a team and independently. Usually our engineers come on board or to a dry dock to carry out the following services, using a mobile workshop equipment, no matter in which port the ship is located:
         • partial or complete diagnosis of diesel engines (main and auxiliary);
         • partial and full adjustment of diesel engine (main and auxiliary);
         • computer and mechanical diagnostics of fuel systems;
         • professional diagnosis of all marine equipment;
         • assembling and disassembling of diesel fuel systems;
         • assembling and disassembling of pump-injector units;
         • services of routine maintenance;
         • all type of machinery repairs.
Our specialists constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills, as well as replenishing their experience day by day, solving interesting and non-standard situations, correcting technical mistakes and its consequences. Depending on complexity of your particular situation, we provide flexible pricing for repairs.

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